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On the drive to digital transformation wherein organizations strive for an inherent connectivity of people and processes, there lie security challenges at every turn one takes.

Organizations are rapidly adopting technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things and this irreversible reliance on technology has opened up a whole new avenue for cyber threats and crimes.

Tumultous times like these demand a holistic, automated and an integral approach to cybersecurity. At Secure 2020, the 5th edition of our cybersecurity conference, we will objectively explore the cybersecurity challenges in the digital age and discuss effective means of mitigating the same through security, vigilance and resilience.

This Cybersecurity conference will bring together 150+ leading cybersecurity heads from various industry verticals to improvise, adapt and overcome. The event will feature world-class speakers presenting life case studies and best practices on cybersecurity challenges and the strategy for cyber risk management.

At this cybersecurity conference, through enlightening keynotes, in-depth panel discussions, interactive networking activities, think tanks & round table discussions, we will dive right into the depths of the cybersecurity landscape.

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At this Cybersecurity conference, you will rub shoulders with the leading CISOs and heads of IT and digital transformation from various industry verticals across India.

Industry Focus

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Consumer Durables & Home Appliances
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Hospitality

Job Titles

  • CISO
  • Head of information security
  • Chief Data/ Digital transformation Officers
  • Chief Privacy Officers

With the ever-growing popularity of digitization, organizations are looking to adopt stringent cybersecurity solutions that can help them combat the increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities to data security.

In digital times like these, the solutions that you provide will empower organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity strategy. Partnering at Secure 2020 enables you to influence decision makers across industry verticals to incorporate your robust solutions.

  • Meet CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, Directors of Information security who are looking to reimagine and strenghten their cybersecurity strategy
  • Sit down and talk business with pre-qualified buyers with a verified spending budgets.
  • Get brand visibility and competitive edge through our pre-event and onsite branding.
  • Walk onto the stage; Showcase your cybersecurity solutions that can turn around organizations' cybersecurity strategy.
  • Radically expand your network and meet new buyers through Speed-Networking.

In a world that is more digital today than it was yesterday, traditional approach to cybersecurity just doesn't stand a chance.

At Secure 2020, you will take home tons of actionable insights to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy.

This Cybersecurity conference will also help you stay abreast of data-protection policies and regulations to safe guard your organization's integrity.

Be a part of this platform wherein we will extensively discuss Proactive threat hunting, Zero-trust model, industrial cybersecurity, Crisis Management, Cyberinsurance, Anti-Money Laundering and other topics that matter the most in this digital world.

  • Understand and anticipate the cyber threats and various points of vulnerabilities in enterprise security.
  • Learn extensively about cyber security strategy; Cyber vigilance, Cyber resilience and management, risk mitigation, Cyber insurance.
  • This Cybersecurity conference will be the perfect place to network with industry peers and cybersecurity experts to learn the best practies in cybersecurity management.
  • Be the change agent who will empower your business to develop a cybersecurity culture.
  • Meet leading solution providers and discuss your business requirements to enhance your cybersecurity strategy.
  • Prepare yourself for the winds of change that comes with digital transformation at this thoughtfully curated cybersecurity conference.

Agenda 2020

Featured Discussions

This cybersecurity conference will explore the impending cybersecurity threats organizations face and the best practices to mitigate the same. We will extensively talk about zero-trust model, cyber-resilience and cyber-insurance, anti-money laundering, IT/ OT convergence and other pertinent subjects.

Our Past Speakers

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Moshe Ferber

International Cybersecurity Expert – Israel

Marlene Ladendorff

Nuclear Cyber Security Consultant – Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation - UAE

David Nordell

Senior VP – CSCSS – London

Milind G Mungale

Executive VP & CISO NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd

Vijay Radhakrishnan

CISO Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

Prof. Claudio Cilli

Cyber Security & Cyber Intelligence Expert University of Rome (Italy)


Industrial cybersecurity

With a rapid change in operational infrastructure wherein devices are increasingly being conneted via the Industrial Internet of things, new points of vulnerabilities in the security systems open up. At this Cybersecurity conference, industrial cybersecurity will be one of the themes that will be extensively explored.



At this cybersecurity conference, we will address the need to introduce security earlier in the life-cycle of application development. Under this theme, we will srcutinize the cultural challenges that come with integration of DevOps workflows with information security operations.

Cyber resilience and cyber-insurance

This theme will talk about being resilient in the face of a cyber crisis. We will explore the measures to mitigate damage, remediate the situation and restore the normal state of functioning. It will also address cost offsetting during the recovery proceses.


Cyber vigilance a culture of cybersecurity

Under this theme we will explore staying vigilant about the various sources of cyber risks and focus on proactive threat hunting. This theme will focus on the range of threats an organization can face and the measueres to collect and gauge the threat- related intelligence.


In the age of digital transformation, organizations face unparalleled security challenges that can compromise its integirty and reputation.

With organized cyber crimes increasing at an unprecedented rate, it is not the question of "If" but instead of "when."

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Join us at the 5th Edition of Secure, a cybersecurity summit wherein you will learn to anticipate the impending cyber threats and the best practices to mitigate these risks.

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